Cornwall Repair cafes    Looe Shedders' Repair Café   

10AM to Noon 2nd Saturday of each month
at St. Martin's Community Hall, Looe

    Don't throw it away!

Bring it to the new Looe Shedders' repair Café!   

We will endeavour to repair things that otherwise might be dumped, for just a donation.

But be aware that we are in start-up mode, and we may not have an appropriate expert,
or necessary tools or parts on hand to complete your repair on the day.

What can you bring?
Toys Strimmers
Electric Mowers
Power Tools
Hedge Trimmers
Sewing machines
Small Tables/Stools
Small appliances Camping equipment

No Bookings Accepted after 11AM
We do not charge for repairs, but gladly accept donations.
Also Available:
Computer tips and hints
Household tips and hints
Tea or Coffee while you wait
Shedders Reading Table
Shedders Seed Swap Table


For more detailed information, read our FAQ

Save yourself a wasted journey.
Email details of your broken item to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pre-assessment

The Looe Shedders Repair Café is a community initiative to bring together people with skills to repair and those who want items repaired.
You are invited to bring your broken or damaged items for repair and our volunteers will attempt to fix them.
Not only are you likely to get an item repaired, but it is possible you will learn how things are made and how to repair them yourself.
Think Do-It-Together rather than Do-It-Yourself.
Events last two hours and show that, with just a bit of guidance, most people can repair the broken things they have at home. This is a great way to extend the ‘life’ of your possessions, save money and reduce waste. 

The great news is that by repairing we save money, resources, reduce our CO2 emissions and have a lot of fun and satisfaction along the way. The Looe Shedders Repair Cafe is run by volunteers, with donations going towards the running costs which allow us to keep the monthly sessions going. But do please note that we are not professional miracle workers and some repairs will be beyond our capabilities.

We are part of the Cornwall Repair Café Network.