Facilities and Equipmentdrill

As every DIY’er or crafter knows, a well equipped workshop or craft room makes the task in hand so much easier and enjoyable.

Having the right tool to hand, which is clean, sharp and of good quality produces a better result and gives the user greater satisfaction.

We have already had some tools donated to our shed from people who have lost a partner and who want to see their tools put to good use. We’ve also had donations from other organisations who have no ongoing use for their equipment.

lathe The tools donated so far range from hand tools, power tools, spanners, screwdrivers and measuring  equipment, along with some storage shelves and heavy duty tables and cabinets.

 As our shed develops and expands we are planning to add to this collection and start acquiring our  own heavy equipment such as a lathe, drill press, powered planers, table saws etc. 

 What we eventually end up with will be tailored to what our members want to do, be it wood work,  wood turning, crafts, electronics, 3D printing, Laser etching etc. The sky is the limit.

We are always willing to look at any good quality tools that are no longer needed.

Note our new, that is new to us, containers have arrived at St. Martin's, ready to hold the tools and materials we need to start creating.